00 Fandom Part 2: My favourite James Bond

I believe it was Cubby Broccoli who was quoted as saying that the role is bigger than the actor playing it. How could he be wrong? The franchise has lasted 6 decades and counting with 6 different actors and counting. If only one actor could truly handle the role, the franchise would have died long ago because audiences would not have responded in kind.

Summer reading: Casino Royale (1)

The summer reading season is officially underway. This pas week I intermittently picked up Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel that started it all: Casino Royale. It was a relatively brisk read given that this was the 3rd if not the 4th time I visited the fictitious Royale-les-Eaux in the south of France, to say nothing that the book itself is not very long, barely lasting 165 pages.