Bond 25 announcement: reaction and musings

Everybody on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere has already shared their two cents. I myself have engaged in some cordial back and forth episodes with 00 fans on Twitter since Monday. As far as using the blog as a platform to reveal innermost thoughts, I preferred digesting the announcement and let it simmer a few days while my imagination let loose a bit, and here we are.

Unsung 00 Hero: Robert Brownjohn

Brownjohn does not hold the same iconic status as Binder or Kleinman. The latter redefined the title sequences at a time when computer generated enhanced imagery took flight whereas the former produced a steady, quality, and occasionally memorable body of work. Brownjohn, in contrast, only partook in two films, FRWL and GF, yet it can be argued that his input also helped pave the way for how the title sequences are designed to this very day.