Welcome to Double-0 Aficionado, a blog dedicated to all things 007.

My name is Edgar Chaput. I live in Montréal, Canada, where the summers can be as sweltering as the jungles of Brazil, and the winters as unforgivably frigid as Piz Gloria in the Austrian Alps.

Ever since I was a child I have been a James Bond fan. It is, without question, my favourite property: films, novels, tie-in books, the music, and even certain video games.

This is a pet project that has been percolating in my mi41nx1tw483lnd for some time. So many Bond fans across the internet have taken action and put their love of 007 into blog and podcast forms. Many have done so with rousing success. I felt that trying my hand at it might be fun. We shall see how long the ride lasts.

Double-0 Aficionado is a curious title insofar as it is a bit of a misnomer in addition to being the blog’s actual goal. In essence, for as much as I adore Bond, I can’t claim myself to be an aficionado. As such, the blog is more of a training ground to become an aficionado, to learn as much as there is to be learnt about James Bond, from the films all the way to the real world locations the character has visited over the years. Of course the movies will be discussed, just like most other blogs and podcasts tackle them, but Double-0 Aficionado will attempt to aspire to a little bit more. Influences, behind-the-scenes discussions, travelogues, reviews, op-ed pieces, maybe even a little of clothing style and physical self-improvement.

Rather than take a distanced, more objectively inclined perspective, my goal is to make the blog as personal as possible, which is a first for me. I have written for other sites before about film in general (and am currently writing for one in fact) but have always shied away from getting too personal. The ‘film critic’ version of me just never seemed capable of embracing that side. This is my opportunity to take the opposite route, in addition to truly diving into the universe of 007, which I love so very much.

I hope the readers will enjoy the content. Don’t shy from sharing thoughts or to email me. Maybe we will all become Double-0s together!


Edgar Chaput

Montréal, Canada. January 15th, 2017

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