Film review: Dr. No Part 1 – cultural and cinematic limitations

DN is the movie every single Bond fan on this planet has to be thankful towards, otherwise none of us would have started fan clubs, blogs, magazines, podcasts, or constantly exchange ideas and bicker on Twitter. And yet, Terence Young’s film is not one regularly cited as a favourite within the fan base or by cinephiles with certain proclivities towards the franchise.

Summer reading: Casino Royale (1)

The summer reading season is officially underway. This pas week I intermittently picked up Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel that started it all: Casino Royale. It was a relatively brisk read given that this was the 3rd if not the 4th time I visited the fictitious Royale-les-Eaux in the south of France, to say nothing that the book itself is not very long, barely lasting 165 pages.