If all goes well, the weekend in exactly 2 years from now will see the North American release of Bond 25. I suppose it feels safe to use say that the countdown can begin. “Feels safe” in large part because, as some level headed Bond fans have pointed out on social media (Stay calm and keeping reading Spy Command), MGM, one of the project’s financiers, has yet to shake hands with a partnering studio to handle distribution, which MGM itself has been incapable of doing since bankruptcy in 2010.

October 31st was thought to be the bearer of a treat in the form of the announcement that MGM had partnered with relative newcomers Annapurna to help distribute its picture in the United States. It turns out the news was more of a trick when it became known that the deal did not include Bond 25. Without a distributor, there is no question that no film will get made.

All that being said, and much of what has been argued is important and accurate, can seasoned producers like Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson really give the okay to announce a release date without even the slightest idea of who the distributor might be? Either they are quietly confident that a deal is taking shape or the announcement was made back in July when it was believed they were making headway but said efforts have since proven fruitless. But then again, Barbara and Michael are experts are keeping many things Bond related “hush hush”, so who knows what exactly is happening behind the scenes. It has been argued many times overs that the Bond production team does things very differently from the majority of other major studios. Whereas everyone can’t wait to reveal the title of the 3rd installment coming out in 2 1/2 years of a franchise that started with a supporting character in shared universe, Babs and McG honestly don’t say much at all. Still, as the English expression goes, they’d certainly have egg on their face if all of this blows up and Bond 25 needs to be pushed back due to more distribution setbacks.


Here at Double 0 Aficionado, we’re remaining quietly confident. An announced release date, the writers are hired, the star himself has committed to the project, it feels…safe to say that in precisely 2 years we will be all basking in the glory of the next 007 cinematic adventure. As previously, briefly hinted at in a post from this past summer, I personally don’t intend on waiting until early November of 2019 to see the next film, but rather return to London for the first time since late 2014 and New Year’s 2015 to be a part of the premier celebrations. I’m not saying you should expect me to show up at the Royal Premier, but at least see the film on the day/week of its initial release on English home soil. It would also be an opportunity to finally meet several U.K. based podcast hosts and Twitter allies I’ve been communicating with since the fall of 2015, when excitement bubbled for Spectre. One never knows what life will throw their way, so that may not come to pass (for all I know I could be back in London before then!), but that’s the plan at least.

So, let the countdown begin.


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