Hello readers,

Some of you that follow me on Twitter may have noticed a little video I posted a week ago or thereabouts. It wasn’t very long, but in it I provided a little sneak peek at what the blog has in store this summer. While our ventures into the film franchise’s history, spotlighting unsung Double-0 Heroes, and comic book chatter will continue, summer 2017 will also see the start of our exploration of the actual source material: the Ian Fleming novels. Book lovers often promote the notion of ‘summer reading’, so Double-0 Aficionado will happily oblige!

While I had some ideas about a potential blog post this weekend, I eventually relinquished the idea of churning something and decided to get started on my reading by revisiting Casino Royale ( in truth I also took some time to fulfill certain obligations for another website I contribute to). I believe this is my 4th time. It not, it’s definitely my 3rd.

Fear not, business will return as usual very soon, most likely next in fact, what with a long holiday weekend here in Canada.

And of course, thank you all so very much for visiting and your support.


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